Success Stories


At King CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Renton. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Cathrine (member since 2013)

    I come here every day to better myself with friends who have the mutual goal to be challenged and feel accomplished. Knowing what I got through in a workout helps me conquer anything outside of the gym.

  • Julie (member since 2011)

    King CrossFit has changed my life in all aspects. I LOVE the camaraderie because we may be difficult but we all have the same goals – and that encourages me.

  • Coach Eric (member since 2010)

    As a coach, I love taking part in an athlete’s growth. I also enjoy seeing their excitement or emotion when they accomplish something for the first time or exceed their own expectations.

  • Tom Kang

    I’ve been a member for just a hair under two years. King CF has become a second home for me and my family. From what I understand, all CF gyms provide their members with a sense of community, but even they recognize that the Kings have something extra special going on. Everyone is included and just asked to bring their best effort irrespective of the time, weight, or speed with which they can complete it.

  • Jennifer Brennan

    My husband and I joined King CrossFit in November of 2011, and we both really enjoy going. The environment is very supportive and friendly, which is helpful because I don’t feel so intimidated when I walk in the door. The workouts are challenging and never the same, to keep things exciting and not monotonous. The coaches are very helpful and want to ensure people are using correct form. All workouts can be scaled to the person’s ability. I would definitely recommend King CrossFit to anyone looking for a great environment to workout in.

  • Bri Emery

    Absolutely LOVE IT! I am not the type of person who can stay in a typical gym. I have tried and failed many times. King CF is more than just a gym, it’s a second family. Everyone holds each other accountable and helps each other when you need it most. Where else are you going to find a group of people cheering you on as you finish a workout you never thought you could do? Such an amazingly supportive environment. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!!


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