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02.22.2018 WOD

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A. Mobility B. Warm-up/Volume EMOM for 8 minutes Perform 7 “Devil” Thrusters (35/25) If you’ve got mad skilz, do this with a kettlebell. This movement sequence is as follows: Dumbbell Burpee —> ground-to-overhead —> transition into a Thruster. C. WOD 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Wall Balls (20/14) Russian KB Swing (70/53) Toes-to-bar…

03.12.2018 WOD

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A. Mobility B. Warm-up/Primer Half kneeling single-arm Arnold Press 8 reps each side (26/18) or 35/20 lbs dumbbell. Followed by single-arm walking overhead lunge - length of gym one arm, switch sides. 30 second hollow hold 3 rounds C. WOD Partner “Double DT” Buy-in: 600m relay run (each athlete…