12.04.2017 WOD


12.04.2017 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Coach led stretch


Start with… 3 Rounds Of:
15 Wall Ball 20#/14#
15 KB Swings 53#/35#
15 Butterfly Sit-Ups

Then, immediately into… 2 Rounds Of:

20 Single Arm KB Shoulder-to-Overhead
20 MB Russian Twists (same ball, over & back = 1 rep)
20 Burpees

Finish with… 1 Round Of:

15 Wall Ball
15 KB Swings
15 Butterfly Sit-Ups
20 Single Arm KB Shoulder-2-Overhead
20 MB Russian Twists
20 Burpees

Rest, then… Class Wall Sits!

As a class, perform 2 sets of MAX Wall Sits!

Rules for the wall sit:
Hip crease below knees (below 90o)
Hands straight out from shoulders
Toes lifted off the ground

Once you drop out, you must perform burpees until the winner is crowned!