04.24.2018 WOD


04.24.2018 WOD

A. Mobility & Warm-up

B. Tempo Squat

Week 3 – Day 1
32×1 (3 sec down, 2 sec pause then up)
Build slightly from last week.

3×4 (3 sets of 4 reps)
3×2 (3 sets of 2 reps)

During the squat we ideally want to see the chest & hips rise at the same rate. This means your body is in balance & capable of producing efficient fore & power. Pause squats are a helpful variation that can help you address a weakness you may have in maintaining stability or the ability to coordinate your ascent well in this manner.✅ . When you pause in the bottom, you lose the explosive power assistance your body naturally gets from a quick turnaround – making the ascent more difficul. But that’s the point.???? . Watch how this Isabella takes a huge breath & braces her core between each rep and holds this breath through the full pause to ensure her core stability remains sufficient to maintain her technique through the full rep.????????‍♀️ . After a short pause, drive the hips and chest up at the same rate. This is more difficult after a pause and causes you to clean up problems in coordination while improving your strength as you have to ascend from a dead stop.???????? . If you are going to do a longer pause (5+ seconds for example) you can breath while sitting in the bottom position – holding your breath that long under load could cause you to pass out! BUT don’t let ALL your air out! Maintain most of your breath and take SMALL sips of air in & out so you can still maintain your stability.✅ Letting all of your air out while squatting big weight will cause a large transfer of forces to the small structures of your spine⛔️❌ . From the front view you can see her ability to maintain a good level of knee stability through and after the pause.✅ . Today's athelte model is Isabella von Weissenberg, IPF powerlifter & 3x world championship medalist! She is a great example of how to lift big weight with great technique. Follow her on IG at @ivweissenberg ???????? ____________________________________

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20 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
40 Cal Row (alternate each round with a 600m run)
18 minute AMRAP

Courtesy of CFHQ