04.16.2018 WOD


04.16.2018 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Primer
2 rounds
10 Kb goblet squats 32X1 tempo
10 glute bridges
30 sec wall sit

Tempo back squats 32X1

5 total working sets – add weight slightly from last week (5-10lbs)

*again focus is on position and tempo rather than load. Last set shouldn’t exceed 80% of 1RM
**32X1 tempo = 3 secs down, 2 seconds pause, expose up, 1 sec pause at top


5 rounds NFT
5 hang power cleans unbroken TnG* 135/95 add load each set
30 sec row 95% effort
Max effort unbroken muscle ups, scaled pull-up
2 mins rest

*increase weight and maintain unbroken every set
**row not run, stagger start times if not enough rowers available
***95% means athletes are pushing close to 100% with just enough room to maintain proper mechanics and some control, try to maintain same row times each set