03.19.2018 WOD


03.19.2018 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Warm-up/Primer

2 sets each arm
50m single arm(R) overhead kb carry walks
3 single arm(R) kb squats (aka waiter squats)
50m single arm (L) overhead kb carry walks
3 single arm(L) kb squats

Every 90 secs for 8 sets

1 unbroken complex of the following:
1 clean(squat)
1 front squat
1 thruster

*Add weight each set. Work to a heavy weight


For time
500m row
25 power clean 115/80 Rx+135/95
25 bar facing burpees
*this is a sprint, athletes should attempt to go unbroken on all 25 power cleans(scale load appropriately), and maintain a good pace on burpees without stopping

Rest 2 mins

30 chest to bar pull ups
*3 burpee penalty for every time you drop from the bar